About Us

Jes Calligraphy is led by one of the best calligrapher Singapore has — Jessy. As a passionate calligrapher, her stance on the idea ‘Create with passion & love”  is what sets Jescalligraphy apart. All of Jessy’s mastery places an emphasis on the unique beauty of the elegant calligraphy/lettering & cursive handwriting.

At Jescalligraphy, we are a distinct team of calligraphy artists Singapore offers that treat calligraphy like fingerprints — ensuring every is unique.
We strive to revive the timeless charm of handwritten art, using mastered techniques and accurate strokes that express your thoughts and emotions in the most personal way

. Join us in our journey to rekindle the love for this exquisite art form.




is currently based in Singapore and available worldwide. We specialise in:

  • Bespoke Calligraphy
  • Bottle engraving
  • On-site live calligraphy events
  • Brand activations
  • Place cards
  • PR events
  • Leather foiling and painting
  • Envelopes/ Invitations Calligraphy

“With my passion and love for creating beautiful pieces using ink and paper, I am dedicated to bringing joy, as well as spreading love to all who view my pieces.” – Jessy

There’s so much beauty in handwriting. Calligraphy especially, is more than just techniques and accuracy in each stroke — it represents you can never be replaced by a keyboard.
I hope to bring back this beautiful form of handwriting and to inspire more people to write and fall in love with handwriting especially in this modern world with everything digitized.

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Calligrapher & Engraving Artist for custom design, On-site live events or PR events.

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