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Jes Calligraphy is a Singapore based calligraphy service that specializes in beautifully-made custom hand-lettered pieces perfect for all sorts of events and occasion. It was founded by Jessy Lim, a talented calligrapher with a great passion for lettering. And because of her hard work Jes Calligraphy has quickly risen as one of the top providers of calligraphy services in Singapore.

What is calligraphy?

The word calligraphy means beautiful writing originated from two Greek root words “kallos” which means beauty and “graphein” which means write. The art of calligraphy entails creating beautiful lettering to produce one-of-a-kind and elegant items. It provides a sense of sophistication to any project, whether it’s wedding invitations, place cards, or even custom art pieces. Calligraphy increases brain activity, allowing us to expand our vocabulary and write more comprehensive texts. When we type on mobile and electronic devices, we suffer a great loss of tactile sensations due to our increased haptic sensitivities.

When and Where Does Calligraphy Start?

Western calligraphy has its origins in the Latin writing system, which first appeared around 3,000 BC. The Romans used reed or quill pens to write on large rolls of papyrus. Later, Christian churches advanced writing by copying Biblical texts and other manuscripts in the hundreds of thousands during the Middle Ages. The introduction of print in the 15th century and beyond had a long-term influence on the amount of illuminated manuscripts and handwriting, but calligraphy itself saw a contemporary renaissance around the end of the 19th century, when Edward Johnston (a British artisan) began teaching calligraphy classes in London. Johnston’s work was essential in reviving contemporary handwriting, which was later revived by Graily Hewitt in the twentieth century.

Art of Calligraphy: Preserving a Vanishing Aesthetic

Aside from the inherent beauty of human writing, calligraphy answers to the rising urge to slow down that technologically evolved civilizations exhibit. Sitting down to write a letter, maintaining a diary, and taking notes are all activities that, like meditation, allow you to create a place for self-care.
When one looks at calligraphy, one cannot help but feel awe and adoration. Every stroke of excellence and every line of grandeur is the result of painstaking, highly skilled work. The beauty of this handwriting stems from the way each letter is formed, which is precisely scaled and proportioned with no opportunity for error.
Did you know that calligraphers were formerly sought after by kings? This beautiful type of handwriting, like painting and sculpture, has a distinguished position in the realm of fine arts.
However, times have changed dramatically. With the press of a button, hundreds of copies of text in a range of fonts and formats may now be printed. Even as we appreciate technical progress, it will never be enough.

The Different Types of Calligraphy

Experts claim that calligraphy is classified into 4 categories. These are:

Western Calligraphy
Western calligraphy is known for its rigorous rules and geometric patterns, and is one of the most apparent forms of calligraphic art which began in the 10th century. The Latin alphabet, which experienced multiple radical alterations throughout the ages as governing dynasties swapped places, is the most identifiable application of Western letters. The Renaissance humanist minuscule, as well as the 17th-century Batarde and the English script a hundred years younger, were pivotal events in this style. Different forms of calligraphy necessitate the use of different instruments. Western calligraphy equipment have traditionally included a flat-balled or round-nipped pen, a brush, water-based ink, high-quality paper or parchment, and a knife for removing work and templates.

Eastern Asian Calligraphy
This lettering style includes calligraphy from China, Japan, and Korea. Every kingdom that controlled these areas had its unique calligraphy skills and images. This style is clearly identifiable since it is easy to recognize Eastern symbols that serve the purpose of complete words. Their writings are, logically, significantly shorter than those discovered in Western lands. Eastern Asian calligraphy is regarded as a valuable heritage in its own countries, and each makes every effort to ensure that the indigenous calligraphic skills are carefully preserved. In addition to traditional writing instruments, Eastern calligraphers employ paperweights and desk pads.

South Asian Calligraphy
The practices arising from the nations of Tibet, India, and Nepal are included in this group of styles. These texts were widely employed for numerous Buddhist and secular reasons and could be observed being used in a variety of occasions, ranging from prayer wheels to Dalai Lama letters. Pieces of Southern Asian Calligraphy can be considered as some of the oldest ancient lettering methods ever unearthed, with some instances dating back to stone inscriptions. The most significant of the three was Indian calligraphy, which has utilized numerous odd methods over the course of its history, such as burnt clay, smoke-treated palm fronds, copper, and birch barks.

Islamic Calligraphy
This style is an important component of Islamic art. It employs distinctive geometric patterns, the greatest examples of which may be found on mosque walls. Many people consider Islamic Calligraphy to be the most beautiful type of calligraphy, and it has evolved with the faith and the Arabic language. It should be noted that calligraphy is viewed by Muslims as the highest form of creative expression since it is seen as the most efficient manner of communicating with the spiritual realm. The Ottoman Era is regarded as the pinnacle of Islamic Calligraphy growth since few parts of calligraphy have altered since then, particularly in more orthodox sectors of society. However, numerous changes have occurred in current times.

Why Jes Calligraphy?

Our commitment to using high-quality materials and techniques set Jes Calligraphy apart from the competitors. To make sure that we create products of the highest quality, we craft each piece using finest calligraphy tools and materials. And because we greatly value the importance of hand-lettering, we use traditional calligraphy techniques passed down through generations.

Jes Calligraphy Services in Singapore: Elevating Your Events and Gift-Giving with Unique Hand-Lettered Pieces

Are you looking for stunning, unique and personalized pieces that screams sophistication and elegance to any occasion? Jes Calligraphy is the answer! We provide services that will level-up your events and make truly unforgettable gift-giving experiences. Take a closer look at our calligraphy services:

Bespoke Calligraphy Art
If you’re looking for an approach to add a bit of elegance to the vicinity, handmade calligraphy art pieces are an excellent choice. This one is perfect if you are looking for a customised art print for your beautiful home or office or a personalised quote as a present for your loved ones. We make sure that our hand-made pieces are tailored to represent your style and personality. Our bespoke calligraphy art is crafted using the best quality materials and time-tested techniques.

If you are searching for an excellent way to personalise a gift or an item, a custom calligraphy engraved present is a perfect choice. This is ideal for an anniversary gift, wedding presents or token or activity for other special occasions. This is the best option if you want to create a one-of-a-kind and personalised present that will last for years.

Personalised Gifts
If you are looking for personalised item as an ideal gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion, this hand-lettered personalised present will surely surprise your lucky receiver. We use finest materials and quality procedures in creating our customised items like engraved glassware, bespoke art prints, etc.

Live Events & Workshops
Looking for something that will give spice to your corporate gatherings, weddings, birthday party and any other occasion? We got you! Jes Calligraphy offers a personal touch to your event, an on-site calligraphy workshop in Singapore, which will surely amaze your visitors. This calligraphy session is open to people of all skill levels; everyone may learn while also relaxing. We supply all required tools and materials under the supervision of our professional instructors.

Bottle Painting
Want to add a distinctive touch to your home? Painted bottles by Jes Calligraphy is all you need! These beautifully painted bottles with a touch of lovely calligraphy patterns will surely balance your home decor. This modern bottle painted design is perfect for those who are searching for a unique and creative way to personalise a space, presents or even parties.
At Jes Calligraphy, we take pleasure in our work and enjoy nothing more than crafting one-of-a-kind and individualized works that bring joy and beauty into our clients’ lives. Our attention to employing the finest materials and techniques distinguishes us from other calligraphy services, and our passion to craft bespoke works guarantees that each project is really one-of-a-kind. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist boost your events and gift-giving with our unique hand-lettered products.
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